Personal Care Regulatory Ltd Rebrands with Dynamic New Logo

As a vibrant company in the cosmetic industry, Personal Care Regulatory ltd have been fortunate enough to thrive and help other startups grow and sell their products to the world, with our guidance and expertise.

Now nearly a decade from our inception, we are getting closer to our 10th anniversary. Upon reaching this incredible milestone we thought it would be fitting to unveil our new logo, advancing the PCR brand and company forward with a new logo that best aligns with our unprecedented high standards and principles.


Our Vision – Protecting the Innovators


Celebrating the partnership and collaboration we have had with hundreds of startup innovators in the cosmetic industry and being a part of their growth and journey has been a true honour.

Our vision when we first started Personal Care Regulatory was to create a compliance service that was friendly yet firm, protecting the brand’s reputation while maintaining full support to our customers’ needs. We wanted to bring difference in a market that safety reports were just another tick in a box, like an admin process. We believed in a detailed safety report, signed by registered toxicologists and ensured by a well-known insurance company. Why? Because we do believe a good safety report is like an insurance for a brand.

Ensuring the quality and safety of the final product has and will always be paramount, with the stamp of approval from us here at PCR ltd, the industry and the consumer knows there are no shortcuts here.

All guidelines must be met.

And our new brand image represents this expectation of continual evolution in this exciting market.


Our Brand, Our Story!


When we first started looking at what research and data were available, specifically precision, and detailed data with regards to cosmetic ingredients, we couldn’t find anything that met the standards and requirements we expected, and quite frankly, what our customers deserved.

Further research focused on software and tools for safety reports with sufficient data in toxicological profiles, we saw a lack of expertise in the market that was not designed for this area.


We revolutionized the system


So, we created our unique in-house software that allows our clients to have detailed safety assessment reports for their products and we have been fortunate enough to help hundreds of cosmetic brands and companies throughout the last decade complete this especially important process.

It took years to develop and countless sacrifices to build. But we took our time and we made sure if we were going to do it ourselves it had to not just be good, but the best.
And guess what? We did it, we turned this dream into a reality with the help of some incredible software engineers and a great cohesive hard-working team.

Was it hard? Yes. Did we want to give up or think we were in over our heads sometimes? Of course, we had those moments. But we knew the cause was just, and we would help so many people if we could get it right.

So we stuck at it.

Looking back we have no regrets just the pride of what we achieved and where we have come on this journey so far and where we wish to be tomorrow.


We have the brands back!


We choose to be on the brands’ side and make sure to evaluate ingredients’ impurities properly. Sometimes we are frowned at by manufacturers as they wonder why we need so much data, but we choose not to give in to the pressure.

Integrity and quality first.


90% Client Retention


After ten years, we did a survey and asked our clients what made them stick with us? Trust, care and support were the common phrases that were used repeatedly in the survey.

Perhaps these are the words that best described the reason for over 90% of customers’ retention.


A new chapter


So as we got closer to our anniversary, we put our heads together and thought to revamp our logo in a way to represent how our clients described us and how we feel we have evolved as a company throughout this time.

So we did!


“PCR’s new logo represents a dynamic future.”


The symbol and trademark will be the new logo for Personal Care Regulatory ltd, portraying a sleeker, simpler and transparent message to our clients.
This two-dimensional modern design signifies our united integrity for our services and for the brands that we work so hard to improve and protect.

We strive to be honest, professional and understanding when working with cosmetic brands and start-ups from across the globe.

Our new logo symbolizes PCR’s strong ethical values and principles. One of these values is, the client is our priority, and they are safe in our hands with our knowledge, expertise and genuine care for them and their products.

This is represented by the yellow dot inside of the ‘P’ guarded with fluidity and understanding so we can guide our clients to continual growth and success without losing their quality or values.

Our ideals are bold and strong, Personal Care Regulatory has always stood for something bigger than profit…


Trust, care and support.


This new visual identity harnesses our passion for delivering incredible service and focusing on what we do best. Embracing our strengths – our agility, our independent expectations, and the trust we have forged over the years working with incredible entrepreneurs.

The new identity reflects who we are as a company today and who we will be in the future still working hard for our customers and their products like they’re our own.

We are proud that have helped 100s of brands, no matter how big or small, launch with confidence, knowing we are looking after their post-market surveillance and knowing they can defend their products’ safety and deal with any compliance issue.

We do our job with the best format so our clients can grow their market in good faith.

The Personal Care Regulatory Team

If you wish to discuss this matter with PCR, please contact us.