Importing To The UK/EU?

Are you looking to import your products to the EU?

PCR will take care of you and your brand to ensure that the process is simple, straightforward and comprehensive. You will be fully supported by our expert team
who will guide you through the process from beginning to end. No more confusing checklists!
With our team, you can be confident that your products are safe and legal with all
the required labelling support in the UK and all 27 EU member states.
We are efficient and thorough. Once all required documents are received, we will
complete the process in only 8 working days. Our fully qualified team will conduct
a detailed review of your documents, feed back on any issues and make sure that
you are ready to go.

Our 7 steps to successfully importing to the EU & UK

  1. Product classification
    Clarification that the product you are selling is categorised as a cosmetic (and doesn’t fall into a biocide or medical device) We will check your ingredients list and packaging prior to any product testing.
  2. Assign a Responsible Person
    Every cosmetic product on the EU market should have a Responsible Person (RP). The RP is the person or company who accepts the responsibility of a product’s safety, deals with the local authorities and conducts post-market surveillance of the products. We can provide an affordable and transparent price on RP, with no hidden costs or add-ons.
  3. PIF (Product Information File) creation
    The Responsible Person should create the PIF. This needs to contain:

    • Safety Assessment report
    • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) statement
    • Artworks
    • Claims substantiation documents4. Registration on CPNP (Cosmetic Product Notification Portal)

    The notification for cosmetic products in the EU is usually done electronically by the Responsible Person on the Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (CPNP).

  4. Safety Assessment Report
    This is a very important document for your brand. It is a technical report and should only be completed by qualified experts. headings). It is important to use a company that not only guarantees qualified and experienced safety assessors, but also can assure the brand owners of the quality of assessment reports with relevant indemnity insurance. ONLY choose a company who can provide your brand with in house safety assessors and regulatory experts.
  5. Post launch market surveillance (Cosmetovigilance)
    Getting launched is only the beginning of your regulatory journey! Every brand must conduct ongoing surveillance of any health-related undesirable effects that might possibly occur, and take reasonable steps to avoid them.

    It can seem like a daunting process, but we are here to help. If you have any questions about how to start, or need clarification over which documents you need, then please get in touch.
    The regulatory process can seem complicated, especially if you are using multiple development partners. We are happy to review any existing documentation and advise you on the next steps. If you have undertaken tests elsewhere, then we can ensure that they are fully compliant, or if you’re starting from the beginning, then
    we’ll support you through the whole process.

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