Are you looking to invest in a brand? Are you a distributor, retailer or wholesaler?


As a retailer, you have an obligation to ensure that all your products are safe and legal for sale. This applies to online and physical stores.
Do you have a procedure in place in case a customer reports a problem with the product?

Our due diligence service provides you with everything you need to ensure your products comply with legal requirements. You don’t need an expensive team of in-house regulatory experts. We provide all the procedures and checklists you need to ensure that you are protected against any EU/ UK regulatory requirements and responsibilities.

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If you are in the process of investing in a beauty brand, you want to be sure that your investment is worthwhile. PCR has extensive experience helping investor and fund management companies navigate the due diligence process. One of the most important activities in an investment or merger/acquisition is the due diligence process.

What is a Due Diligence service?

Due Diligence is the means by which you seek to protect your business from breaches of the law. It is an investigation service provided by our qualified safety assessors and regulatory experts to ensure your company follows its obligations according to EU regulation 1223, 2009 and is ready for inspection by the legal authority.

You need to be sure that what you are buying is exactly as described. It is common that start up brands without any in house R&D and regulatory personnel, have to rely on outsourcing. In many cases, this leads to corner cutting that will affect the compliance and ultimately the value of the brand. If claims on the brands are not substantiated or safety has not been assessed, your investment may be endangered. We can ensure you take a calculated risk on a brands’ IP, claims and any potential expenses that may affect the brand and its compliance.


A family run investment company in London started their venture on a beauty and consumer product. The firm was in the process of acquiring a German based brand with 30 lines.

We undertook a risk litigation report on the products and reviewed the claims on the products to ensure the relevant substantiation was available in the product information file (PIF). The outcome was that over 40% of claims on the label couldn’t be used if the brand wanted to be compliant with the EU/UK regulation.

The cost for re-labelling or claims substantiation was calculated, and a plan was put in place to ensure that the brand could move into the desired territories without repercussion.

We always sign a strict non-disclosure agreement and your investment identity is fully protected at all times. Your trusted partner in mitigating the risk for investments.

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